The L is MY space

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Almost a year ago I thought I was going to make this website a place just for my design work. I then realized that design is just one small facet of my life and I wanted to showcase more of what I'm up to and what I do. With that being said I am turning this space into more of a lifestyle blog than just design. Don't you fret I will still feature design inspiration and my work but there will be much more sprinkled in between. 

I'm not going to lie I'm pretty basic I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pinning to Pinterest, white kitchens, and long walks in the park. There's a difference though, I'm kinda funny and people say I make faces...lots of faces. I may at some point start a youtube channel so you can check it out and tell me your thoughts (as long as their happy thoughts). Oh yeah I'm middle aged *GASP* but I still think you can relate to the situations I get myself into. 

Gonna end this ramble rant here and ask that you come back often and thanks for visiting!!


**virtual hugs** Oh yeah, I'm a hugger. ;-) and I use emojis.


Okay that's all promise.