The L is MY space

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Almost a year ago I thought I was going to make this website a place just for my design work. I then realized that design is just one small facet of my life and I wanted to showcase more of what I'm up to and what I do. With that being said I am turning this space into more of a lifestyle blog than just design. Don't you fret I will still feature design inspiration and my work but there will be much more sprinkled in between. 

I'm not going to lie I'm pretty basic I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pinning to Pinterest, white kitchens, and long walks in the park. There's a difference though, I'm kinda funny and people say I make faces...lots of faces. I may at some point start a youtube channel so you can check it out and tell me your thoughts (as long as their happy thoughts). Oh yeah I'm middle aged *GASP* but I still think you can relate to the situations I get myself into. 

Gonna end this ramble rant here and ask that you come back often and thanks for visiting!!


**virtual hugs** Oh yeah, I'm a hugger. ;-) and I use emojis.


Okay that's all promise. 



Welcome to my PERMANENT space on the web. Through the years I've been "designing" my site that I'm willing to bet that I would be a Guinness Book  of records winner for website "under construction" for the longest time. I will admit that I was on the Wordpress platform before and it was a constant struggle to choose a theme and then once a theme was chosen customizing that theme so it could reflect my style. I mean I am a designer and I have to have a "style" right? 

Anyway, long story short I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, so I decided to make a change and go to Squarespace and start anew. This space will primarily be for my design portfolio so if you want to work together drop me a note! *shameless plug* I've been debating on what I want to post on my blog because I truly love blogging but don't want things to be too wordy around here. I'll save the word vomit for if we ever meet in person! 

I'm currently working on an editorial calendar just so I can stay organized and on a schedule. My primary focus will be to share my experience with you regarding managing an online shop. While I made the change to Squarespace know that I still work with Wordpress and will do theme installs and light customizations to themes. Stay tuned and visit often!